20: How We Know God Loves Us

In this episode we are joined by Tommi, John’s wife. Tommi explains how understanding grace at Swiss L’Abri allowed her to overcome legalism and yet she still desires to know experientially that God loves her (to “live loved”).

Gregg suggests that this minimally involves being open to and honest with God, including prayer, orienting my daily actions toward a potential love relationship with God, and focusing my energy on the major areas of importance (family, friends, etc.).

Tommi wonders about how (and how much) she may be acting to impede a connection with God. Specifically, she often discounts her value and so is unable to believe that nothing about us needs to change in order for God to love us. She also wonders how God heals us in this regard and how we may impede this.

After describing her experience of understanding grace (where she felt “loved”) by God, Tommi explains that she feels accepted by God without feeling “worthy,” and wonders if worthiness is the crux of the issue.

John talks about love versus acceptance, and Gregg mentions that he doesn’t understand the difference between love and grace. Tommi notes that for her “grace equals freedom” from “rules” because our mistakes are under the umbrella of God’s grace.

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