100: What’s Next for Untangling Christianity?

Today John and Gregg celebrate–and reflect on–100 episodes of the “Untangling Christianity podcast!”

John begins by mentions how he and Gregg have met their goal of publishing 100 episodes in (at least) 100 weeks, and by keying on a listener’s question, from Amy, about whether the podcasts have changed over time.  He notes that his perspective has changed gradually since the beginning of the podcast, but mostly in becoming more comfortable being “where he is at” and with the fact that John has a number of questions about Christianity, and being accepting of that fact.  John also explains his hope that, in future, the UC podcast will include “other contributors,” such as the recent interview with Dan Dailey.

Gregg, too, would like to “open up” the podcast.  Gregg envisages this as having opportunities for some of the things that he and John have been discussing to be applied / “lived out” in real life.  So he notes the discussion groups he will be facilitating over the summer and autumn, and wonders what possibilities there may be for those participating in the groups to share (their experiences in the groups, what they are thinking about relative to the topics, etc.).


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