Welcome to the Untangling Christianity Podcast. Each week John Poelstra and Gregg Monteith discuss various aspects of Christianity–exploring different notions of what it means to know and experience God and grounding them in what Gregg believes are the core tenets of Christianity: love and truth.


Coming from a Christian background yet disillusioned with his experience of Christianity, John is questioning some widely accepted beliefs about Christianity because they do not reconcile with real life or stand up under intellectual scrutiny. Coming from seven years of being a Christian, seven years of being a hostile agnostic, and now fifteen+ years of re-embracing Christianity, Gregg hopes to offer new perspectives on these issues based on the new understandings and experiences of God that made it possible for him to return, in a meaningful yet intellectually robust way, to Christianity.

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Our approach to this podcast is to discuss ideas and themes in Christianity that interest us, to push our own thinking, and to create a larger discussion with others who believe that Christianity is worthy of consideration (even if they may not agree with the questions we ask or the conclusions we come to).

We aim to get at the heart of what we believe the biblical message to be–the claim that we can know and experience God’s love and truth in a way that makes sense of the Bible, humanity, and the real world. Yet in our experience some common, widely adopted assumptions get in the way. So what may appear to be our discontentment with a Christian status quo is instead a necessary step toward better assumptions that will ultimately lead to a truer, more satisfying experience of God and human existence.

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