Another Conversation with Anna (119)

In this episode John and Gregg again welcome listener “Anna” to the discussion.  Much of the conversation centers on Anna’s responses to the earlier discussions in the last two episodes.

1 thought on “Another Conversation with Anna (119)

  1. Mary

    Hi John and Gregg

    Thanks for another great discussion. I agree with Anna that we individually matter/are special to God. But so do billions of other people! God’s heart is that BIG! That doesn’t diminish our lives but speaks volumes of God’s love. His love is extravagant and audacious as I think Gregg mentioned. I am also happy to agree with Gregg that my life is not pivotal. God’s plan will go forth. Would I like to be part of it? Yes—most days and when I understand His plan and I am feeling brave or caring—lots of variables there! Will God love me less or more? Aren’t both impossible? Even if we are not pivotal to God’s plan, there are ways we can help and encourage each other. Like Anna said, we are a body and it helps if we are healthy. But even if we are sick, we have a role because wouldn’t God’s grace cover that too? Now i have more questions than answers…..


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