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When Reasonable People Disagree (121)

In this episode John and Gregg pick up from their last episode where they discussed the idea of how the craftsmanship sees meaning in an object and brings this meaning forth. For example, a sculptor may see a figure within a block of stone and simply removing the unnecessary pieces in order for the figure to be seen.

John contrasts this the conclusions of a friend whose studies of postmodern thought led him to conclude that in postmodernism there is no inherent meaning, there is just whatever meaning one brings to the object or situation. Thus postmodernism was portrayed as bankrupt and invalid.

Gregg responds by wondering how most Christians would feel about and respond to the other options, particularly philosophically modern options. So where the modernists would claim “universal reason” (such that all people can and should see things the same way, and where they fail to do so they are simply being unreasonable). Yet as Gregg notes this is a philosophical notion, not a theological notion.
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