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1: Introducing the Untangling Christianity Podcast

In this first episode John and Gregg talk about how this podcast came about and what’s behind it’s name and how it grew out telephone conversations Gregg and John have had over the years.

Often these conversations explored aspects of Christianity that John found puzzling or problematic and wanted to clarify. Somewhere along the way John had the crazy idea to record them, hoping that others would find the conversations as useful as he had.

Our first recordings discussed Kyle Idleman’s not a fan, a book popular in the evangelical community that we found unsatisfactory on a different levels. As we considered and grappled with Not A Fan we came to a deeper awareness of what we felt was missing and at times misguided in its message. These recorded discussions will form the basis for many of our first podcast episodes.

Gregg closes this episode out with some thoughts and counter-points to those that may feel our approach is too negative or critical.