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18: No Room For You | Chap 6 of Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman

In this episode John and Gregg chew on the presentation of the Holy Spirit and how the Bible is used to make certain points in Chapter Six of Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.

Gregg notes that Idleman seems to want God to “move in and take over,” and so wonders what about us God actually does like (let alone love)? Gregg also questions Idleman’s use of John 16 because he finds nothing in that passage about “giving up myself” to have more of the Holy Spirit.

Instead, Gregg argues that being in relationship with God is not effacing your personality or losing your sense of self but becoming more, and most ourselves, by being in right relationship with God. The goal is not to empty ourselves, but rather yielding to collaboration with God.

John explains that Kyle’s view (that life only works with the Spirit) was a primary motivator for going to Swiss L’Abri. Gregg characterizes this as over-valuing the beneficial impact of the Holy Spirit while minimizing the effects of sin or being out of right relationship with God.

John asks what the Holy Spirit’s role is. Gregg answers that the Spirit fosters, cultivates, and renews our relationships with ourselves, with the world, with our fellows, and with God.  Thus, the Holy Spirit offers resilience to overcome things that would break those relationships.