69: Why Didn’t I See God Today?

John poses a question to Gregg about his lack of “experiencing God,” but first begins by explaining his personal routines and how this question came about through a book called The MIracle Morning. John shares about his morning and evening routines, both of which include an aspect of reflection and journaling.

In his evening routine, John has been looking to record the experiences of God he’s had in a given day and coming up empty. John wonders if he’s going about this the wrong way while also reflecting on a book he recently read called Start With Why by Simon Sinek that examines customer loyalty, individual drive and purpose.  Using these ideas, John wonders if he’s adopted someone else’s “why” when it comes to Christianity.

John asks Gregg what he thinks about the question of “Where did I see God today?” and if he (John) should get rid of this question or find a better one.  Gregg starts by examining different aspects of rigor. Gregg also suggests examining the deeper reasons a particular view has been adopted and evaluating if those reasons really make sense.

Gregg suggests that the question “Where have I seen God today?” is incomplete and could be broader. He also probes the value and goal of the question.

The conversation turns to the notion of experience, how we understand our experiences and Gregg’s own experience of God’s healing.  Gregg believes the context of “God showing up” and us experience God is the furtherance of God’s kingdom.

John pushes Gregg to be more specific about he experiences God and to give an example from the past three days. Gregg then recounts this experience and reflects on how this might work for other people.

1 thought on “69: Why Didn’t I See God Today?

  1. Evan

    Hey guys,

    I enjoyed your podcast this morning on my way to work and I can relate to a lot of what John had to say. I think sometime I see people who have this grandiose image and feeling of who God is to them. I think there is something to that but I have never experienced those types of feelings to a degree to which I would cry in overjoyment of how much God loves me. I liked Gregg’s point about God being personal yet not individual which can tie into that Emotional reaction to Gods greatness. I guess sometimes I think, Wow I haven’t really experienced God in that way, is something wrong with me? Totally can relate to John there.

    One other thing about the presence of God or seeing God at work in our lives. I read in a book once that sometimes when we here stories from Christians there comes a point in the story in which “God showed up.” The author then posed the question of whether or not God was not there before then and contines to be there after the event. Maybe it is all about perspective. I also enjoyed Brother Lawrence’s book called the practice of the presence of God. It’s short an sweet and helped me try to tap into being aware of where God continues to be at work in my life.

    Keep up the good work!


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